Myths About Trans Men

Let’s bust some myths.


It can be hard to disclose being trans to any potential or current sexual partners. This section explores some of the ways we can have these conversations.

All About Sex

Let’s look at some different ways of having sex.

Consent and Sex

Great sex only happens when everyone involved is having fun. Explore different aspects of consent and tips on having these conversations.

Finding Sex

Let’s look at some spaces—online, bars, cruising—where we can find sex.


For your information, let’s talk STIs. Take a closer look at HIV, viral hepatitis (Hep A, B, and C), and HPV.

Making Sex Safer

Let’s talk safer sex strategies and the items you might need for your own safer sex stash.

Healthier Relationships

We all deserve amazing love—from ourselves as well as others—where our voices, identities, and bodies are affirmed. This section explores some signs of healthy and unhealthy relationships.

Sex Work

Some of us work as sex workers, full-time or part-time. Some of us also buy sex work. Here are some tools and tips to equip ourselves.

Sex and Drugs

Before or during sex, sometimes we use drugs like alcohol, weed, poppers, meth (also known as crystal meth or Tina), MDMA, cocaine, or GHB. This section explores ways we can do so safely.

Accessing Services

Accessing sexual health services that are affirming of our gender can be hard. Here are tips on finding the best suitable care for us.

Pregnancy and Birth Control

Pursuing pregnancy or preventing it—here’s some info on reproductive health that can help.

Terms and Acronyms

Don’t know what a term means? Check out our terms and acronyms section.