Myths About Trans Men

First things first. Let’s bust some myths.

Let’s address four common myths about trans men, and transmasculine and non-binary people. 

Myth #1: We all only want to sleep with women

Reality: Like all people, we have different sexual preferences and orientations. For some of us, this means being attracted to each other and/or to cis men. Our sexuality can also change throughout our lives. For most people, exploring your own sexuality is an ongoing journey.

Myth #2: We’re less likely to get STIs 

Reality: Anyone who’s sexually active can come into contact with sexually transmitted infections.

Myth #3: We don’t penetrate our partners during sex (especially when having sex with cis men)

Reality: This myth partly stems from the fact that people can assume we don’t have cocks. Some of us have had surgeries that allow us to penetrate our partners with our flesh cocks. We also might penetrate our lovers with strap-on cocks (not to mention our fingers, hands, tongues, and other objects!). Like all people, some of us enjoy being fucked, others like fucking, and others still like both or neither.

Myth #4: We hate, or want to change, our bodies.

Reality: We have varying relationships with our bodies, just like everyone else. Some of us choose to affirm our gender by taking T and/or getting surgery, and some of us don’t.

Like all people, we have varying sexual desires and different ways of relating to our bodies!