Primed Launch: Let’s talk about trans men’s sexual health

To kick off the release of the third edition of Primed, we hosted two online events to bring the content in the guide to life. On Wednesday, May 5, Dr. Jordan Goodridge from Sherbourne Community Health Centre talked with community member Eliot Newton about the ins and outs of providing clinical care for transgender guys and transmasculine non-binary folks. Get your favourite notepad out, because this lesson goes well beyond what you’d learn in school.

And on Friday, May 14, five community members got together to talk about sex, sexuality, transitioning, and sexual health for queer trans guys. Real talk, hair down, and it’s best to have your snacks ready.

Watch what Orion, Caleb, Robbie, Stévia, and Vincent have to say:

Listen in to Dr. Jordan Goodridge and Eliot about providing sexual health care for queer trans guys and transmasculine non-binary folks: